Quiet Study Spaces

Finals week is here, and you may be looking for a quiet place study, research, and write. You may already have a favorite study spot in mind. If not, here is an overview of the quiet study spaces available in each library:

Central/Divinity building

The sixth floor is the designated quiet study floor, which includes two large reading rooms (the Payne Graduate Study Room, and the Periodicals Reading Room) as well as several renovated alcoves.

The Cheek Reading Room in the Divinity Library is also a quiet study area.

Law Library

The Tarkington Reading Room on the top floor of the library and the Study Carrel room adjacent to the Main Reading Room are used for quiet study. There are no officially designated quiet study areas.

Management Library

The second floor study areas are intended to be quieter than the first floor. There are no officially designated quiet study areas.

Music Library

The spaces around the bound periodical and scores stacks are designated as quiet study areas.

Peabody Library

Spaces that are usually more quiet than others include the Fireside Reading Room, Room 305, and carrel study spaces in the stacks. There are no officially designated quiet study areas.

Science Library

The Map Room and the designated study areas tend to be quieter than most of the open areas in the library. The study area in the Bound Periodicals room is in one of the lower traffic areas of the library. There are no officially designated quiet study areas.

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