Pandoc Workshop: Talk the Talk

Friday, February 27th 11:00 AM, Central Library

These days, languages are more than words that shape human interaction. Languages also shape technological communication. There is no shortage of document formats, and each format is written in its own “language.” For most people, it’s impractical–or impossible!–to learn all of the computer languages.

This Friday, February 27, Ramona Romero will introduce workshop participants to Pandoc, an open source document converter. The converter “translates” documents into a wide array of formats. Attendees will learn how to install Pandoc on their computer and will have the opportunity to practice using the tool. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to translate documents into most computer “languages” without having to learn how to code in each format.

See the complete list and descriptions of the remaining Friday workshop sessions.

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