eReading and Adobe Digital Editions 4

With over 1.5 million eBooks, Vanderbilt Library brings books to your fingertips, literally. Yet it can be difficult to navigate through a library of titles. Adobe Digital Editions 4 (DE4) is a free downloadable app that makes organizing an eLibrary easier. DE4 lets you borrow (or buy) books and place them on virtual bookshelves arranged by author, title, or publisher. You can annotate or highlight as you read, and navigate inside your eBooks with a simple search. DE4 even transfers eBooks between devices so you can access your eLibrary wherever you go. Now in its 4th version, DE supports EPUB, EPUB 3, and PDF documents. Digital Editions has a new patch to help protect your privacy. Keeping all of your apps and software up-to-date will help ensure a safer, easier reading experience. Learn more about utilizing the library’s 1.5 million eBooks.

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