Library Truths to Help You Save Time

Walker Management Library welcomes the Vanderbilt community back to a new and exciting school year! We asked our reference librarians for their best advice for incoming students, and here’s what they had to say.

Robbi de Peri: If you’ve spent 15-30 minutes trying to find an elusive piece of research, it’s time to contact one of Management’s information professionals. We support the entire Vanderbilt community with research guides and in-person consultations.

Rahn Huber: Management Library can help you find the credible and valid information you need both during school and after. Future employers may expect you to know in-depth research skills that look at more than just free internet sources, and we have the tools to make you a business researcher extraordinaire.

Check out Management’s website for more information on business databases, career help, and a list of all of the services we provide.

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