Seonwoong Hwang: Graduate Student Supervisor in SEL


My name is Seonwoong Hwang (phonetically, /sʌn-uŋ hwɑŋ/), and I am starting my third year as a Master of Divinity candidate in the Divinity School. Originally from South Korea, Nashville—being my first city in the States—is my second hometown. I am enjoying newly wedded life with the love of my life, Jasmine. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Methodist Theological University, which is located in Seoul, Korea. My research interest has been the New Testament, which, I believe, provides Christian Church with both a starting point and an ongoing source of divine experiences. To be more specific, I am interested in how the Jewish context, which was the background of the book, has been overlooked and misinterpreted, and how the insights or understandings from the Jewish context can apply to 21st leaders’ diverse life settings. I am glad to work at the Stevenson library and excited to meet students with different research interests and stories of life.

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