Da Ying (Aaron): Undergraduate Student Assistant at SEL

The island in my mouth is the Alcatraz Island, the well-known prison in the San Francisco Bay that I have always wanted to visit. Sadly I was too late to find out that the tickets for entire winter holidays were already sold out, as you can see my frustration. Hi, my name is Da Ying and I am a junior undergraduate from Shenzhen, China. I have a major in Electrical Engineering because it is hard and also a minor in Computer Science because why not. You may know that already that in my free time I like to travel with my friends because I need someone to take pictures of me. I have not visited many places though and my next destination is either Miami or Boston. I also enjoy running once a while. I have been working at Stevenson Library for two years and I think it’s the best job one can ever ask for on a campus. It’s certainly enjoyable to see people dedicating to whatever they are doing and being in an environment like this is a privilege. The staffs working here are unbelievably nice to people and I have learned so much from them (thank you all very much).

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