Anurag Bose: Undergraduate Student Assistant in SEL and Graduating Senior

My name is Anurag Bose and I am senior undergraduate from Lexington, Kentucky majoring in Chemical Engineering and Math. As a senior, I am interviewing in several oil and gas companies and I plan to work as a test or process engineer, before coming back to school to potentially get an MBA. I am an AICHe member, and am also a brother in Delta Tau Delta. I love traveling, and going out with my friends in my free time. The most important thing however is spending time with my mom when I get back home and I truly enjoy that. At the Stevenson Library, its enjoyable working with and meeting other grad and undergrad students, since most of them have an interest in engineering, or science, just like I do. Working as a researcher last semester, I enjoy in my spare time reading science journals as well within this library and feel like this is an ideal location for me to work in. Being able to serve and assist other students in this library is also rewarding, and I truly enjoy working here.

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