Ayo Sonupe: Graduate Student Supervisor at SEL

My name is Ayo Sonupe. I am a second year MBA student at the Owen Graduate School of Management. My concentrations are in Finance and Strategy and I will be overseeing merger transactions post MBA. Prior to business school, I worked as an external auditor and an external consultant for PwC, a global consulting firm. I am from Lagos, Nigeria, a country I regard as the piece that holds the world together (By virtue of location). I have a vast interest in music, literature and chess and I am currently writing a book called “A Path to no Place”. The intent of the book is to depict the struggles and challenges of purpose when one is born into abject poverty. What I like most about my job are the people I work with and fulfillment that comes with knowing that I contribute a little to the academic success of students and other users of library facilities.

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