Extended through October 13, 2013: The Identity Sculptures Project

On display through October 13, 2013 at the Stevenson Science and Engineering Library: The Identity Sculptures Project, an exhibition of sculpture, text, and spoken word led by artist and writer Lori Anne Parker-Danley. Lori Anne created sculptures in response to writings submitted by 10 Vanderbilt faculty, students, and staff on the topic of “creative identities.” The exhibit is interactive. QR code are associated with each sculpture in order to “listen” to it; the voices of the writers continue the conversation regarding the relationship between writing and art.

Artist Lori Anne Parker-Danley worked in collaboration with Vanderbilt writers Tessa Chillemi, Lisa Dordal, BeLinda Hall, Rick Hilles, Caitlyn Danielle Le, William Luis, Nancy Reisman, Wanda Rogers, Ames Sanders, and Janice Savage.

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