Training Sessions: “Making a map with GIS” and “Mapping your own data”

Making a map with GIS

Wed, Sept. 19, 12 -1p

Peabody Library Learning Commons


This session is for anyone that is interested in creating a map. It will serve as a fundamental building block for your future as a map-maker whether you need to present your data, answer a research question, or just show where something is located. You’ll learn some basic concepts of GIS and get started with the world’s most popular GIS software, and walk away with a map of your own.


Mapping your own data

Wed, Sept. 26, 12-1p

Peabody Library Learning Commons


Do you have data that you would like to see on a map? Maybe you have X,Y coordinates, a list of addresses, or a spreadsheet of counties or zip codes.  This session will show you how to display your data on a map. You can bring your own data, or use our sample datasets. It is recommended that you attend ‘Making a map with GIS’ prior to this session, but all are welcome.

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