Ecosuds now in Library Restrooms


We are happy to announce that Ecosuds have been placed in restrooms throughout the library system and in the Staff Lounge of the Central and Divinity Libraries building.

Ecosuds is produced by the Alternative Energy Club (AEC) on campus. AEC produces biodiesel on campus for the use of Plant Operations and the WillSkills vehicle, and Ecosuds takes the glycerine product to produce a sustainable soap. The Ecosuds soap is sustainable because

  • it contains no synthetic colorants, scents, or lathering agents
  • it uses a valuable moisturizing agent that would otherwise have to be disposed of
  • it replaces the use of industrial soaps, which contain chemicals that have harmful ecological effects such as eutrophication, can contribute to the formation of aquatic dead zones, and can have dubious consequences on the human body.

Ecosuds are in free-standing soap dispensers and are accompanied by a small, laminated sign which gives an introduction to AEC’s program. These dispensers will be maintained and refilled on a weekly basis by student program members. The industrial soap is left in the wall dispensers for those who prefer it.

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