If an Item You Need is Checked Out, Try a Recall

Vanderbilt library items are meant to be shared. If something you need is checked out, you may place a special hold on an item, called a “recall,” that will let the user who has it know it is needed. Recalls can be placed by clicking on a “Recall this item button” at the end of an item’s online record in ACORN.

Recalls are not an immediate solution. For items that checkout longer than 14 days, users are entitled to 14 days of undisturbed use. After those 14 days are up, users who have recalled items will be notified than an item is recalled. They will then have 7 days to return the item. Fines for recalled print items are $1 per day.

Users who have recalled CDs and DVDs will be immediately notified and granted 7 days to return recalled items. Fines for recalled media items are $2 per day.

If you have an item that has been recalled and you’re not done with it, feel free to place your own recall. To insure access to the item within a reasonable time frame, it’s a good idea to also place an interlibrary loan on the needed item.

All library items are subject to recalls. Check your email periodically for library notices to avoid recall fines.

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