Library Renovation: the Latest as of August 20

Plans are still on track to reopen the main entrances to the library via both the library lawn and breezeway on Sunday, Aug. 22.  The service desk should be installed and ready by then. The lobby will have been cleared of construction debris and some furniture will be in place.  The public access workstations will have been installed, and the new security gates will be in place.  The second floor breezeway will be mostly empty, but the tile and walls will be done and the passage will be open.

Leisure Reading is currently in the Payne Room but will relocate to the 4th floor lobby as soon as possible, once shelving is installed; the Reference Collection will remain where it is on 6 for a bit longer.  The Parkes-Armistead Room will be functional, but the classroom on the end will be blocked off until it’s completed.

Work on the current construction that the crew cannot finish this weekend will take place after hours beginning next week.

Expect some amazing transformations over the weekend.

And finally, please be prepared for the unforeseen. Everything said above is contingent on good thoughts, good luck, and hard work!  Doors to the newly renovated areas will be open soon!

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