The staff of the Wilson Music Library is delighted to acknowledge the wonderful assistance we have had this past year from our student workers. They have been an immense help in keeping the library operations running smoothly. Just look at some of the work they’ve done.

• Checked shelves for lost items.
• Shifted scores.
• Shelf read entire collection each semester.
• Inventoried CD collection .
• Assisted with the Global Music Archive, Blair Performance Archive and the Bartles Collection.
• Staffed the reference desk.
• Scanned 2 1/2 years of Vanderbilt/Blair performance programs
• Robert’s personal favorite is when student employees erase scores which have been (UHR HUM) marked up by our well-intentioned patrons.
• Replenished pencil and scratch paper holders for patrons and paper for the public printers and copier.
• Labeling of books, scores and A/V materials.
• Interfiled materials in backlogs.
• Maintained many databases in Access and Excel such as our list of Copy 2s; Scores/CDs with missing parts; Recording Reviews.
• Lots of Cat Checking.
• Processed materials that return from the bindery.
• Shelved and maintained our current periodicals.
• Shelving and MORE shelving and MORE shelving of materials returned by patrons.
• Not to mention their constant attention to the circulation needs of all our patrons which they did with a smile and courteous manner.

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