Library Renovation Update, January 13

Renovation Project 2010

Update: January 13-15

8th floor books: We are currently shifting many books from the 8th floor to the 6th floor. D-DJ will remain on the 8th floor, and DJK, E and F will be moved to the 6th floor.  As of January 13, not all books have been shifted and some may still be in transit. If you are unable to find the book you are looking for in one location, please check both areas or ask for help.

Bound Periodicals: Over the break many of our bound periodicals were moved from the 6th floor to the Library Annex. Their current locations are indicated in Acorn. You can request them as you do other Annex materials.

Microforms: The Microforms collection has been moved out of the Payne Room on the 6th floor. Most items are now at the Annex;  others are in Government Information and Media Services, 4th floor.

Please ask if there is something you are having trouble finding.

We are sorry for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we work to renovate the library!

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