Library Renovation Schedule

The schedule for the library renovation is as follows:

December 1 –January 8
Shift of bound periodicals and shelving on 6th floor

December 28 – January 12
Movers in Central and Divinity Libraries!
Bound periodicals (6th floor) to Library Annex

Government documents (4th floor) to Library Annex
Payne Room (6th floor) and Divinity Microforms to Library Annex

January 12 – January 18
Completion of book shift from 8th floor to 6th floor
Removal of bookshelves on 8th floor

January 18–29
Deconstruction of 8th floor (21st Avenue side)

February 1—May 14
Construction of new public space on 8th floor

May-December 2010
Possible additional projects, including community room and café

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