Europe Beyond Your Means: The Paris Edition Reading and Book Signing

Europe Beyond Your Means: The Paris Edition
Reading and Book Signing
April 3, 2009
12:00 noon
Peabody Library Fireside Reading Room

Summer is just around the corner and for those planning a summer getaway and others who enjoy dreaming of adventure, this event is for you. Please join the Jean and Alexander Heard Library system in welcoming Conrad Lucas for a lunchtime reading from his new book, Europe Beyond Your Means: The Paris Edition. Books will be available for sale and Mr. Lucas will sign copies. Mr. Lucas is a Vanderbilt graduate with a masters degree from Harvard and law degree from Tulane. He is currently working on his doctorate at Peabody College.

Europe Beyond Your Means: The Paris Edition is a satirical guidebook for the discerning traveler who shuns the idea of prepackaged budget-focused travel tips and instead craves permission to break from the tourist norm, discard the fanny pack, and embrace social commentary.
Conrad Lucas and William Norgard have created an original and amusing travel guide that lampoons other traditional, mainstream travel guides while sharing witty observations and anecdotes about the endearing quirks of the French, the Parisian culture, and how to have fun in one of the world’s most celebrated cities. Future Parisian tourists will learn how to
• Find a great place to stay
• Prepare for inconveniences
• Dress for cultural success
• Avoid Les Faux Pas
• Develop a Parisian disposition
• Travel easily within Paris and beyond
For those ready to abandon the preconceived notions and traditional methods of travel and seek out Paris in a totally unique way, Beyond Your Means is the perfect companion for knowledgeable travelers who want to laugh a little along the way.
For more information contact Celia Walker at 322-8096.

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