Duke University Press – E-books Pilot Project

Vanderbilt will be getting access to all Duke University Press publications in electronic format as we participate in a pilot program.  By subscribing to the front-list (2008 publications), we will also have access to all of the previously published titles, accessed via the Ebrary e-book reader platform.

Several features of the Duke UP model are improvements over other e-book arrangements.  Unlike many e-books that allow only a single user at a time, an unlimited number of simultaneous users can access these e-books, making them much more usable in electronic reserve settings.   Duke has also permitted a more liberal printing limit (40 pages/session) and they can be printed as a range of pages instead of just one page at a time.  

Access to the back list titles is being provided as they are digitized and loaded on Ebrary, currently we have over 300 Duke titles available, though the number of MARC records available to be loaded into ACORN hasn’t yet caught up with the number of titles mounted.  There are about 250 titles loaded into ACORN currently, more will be loaded as we receive the records. Access to front-list titles is added as they are published.

You can see the Duke University Press books in ACORN if you do a keyword search for “e-Duke scholarly books collection”, or by going to the ebrary platform directly at: http://site.ebrary.com/lib/vanderbiltdup/
Currently the first time you access an ebrary title it needs to download an applet to the workstation, but it is a very quick process and only needs to be done the first time.

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