Library Annex

Did you know that articles from the journals, stored at the Library Annex, can be faxed to any local fax number?  Although our service is more frequently  used by graduate students, absolutely anyone with fax capability can request this service.

Acorn, the online catalog, has an Annex request button for all materials stored
In the Library Annex.    From that request button, there is a link  that will prompt you for a decision to have your journal article faxed, or for your periodical volume itself to be delivered to a campus library.

The Library Annex is staffed from 8 to 5, Monday through Friday.  Faxed articles are sent to our patron within 24 hours of receipt.  Meanwhile, print materials are   sent twice daily from our off campus facility to each of the campus libraries.

Questions about Library Annex services can be sent to Peg Earheart, 343-9928; or emailed to

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