Commemorating Veterans Day all this Week

Vanderbilt University has a long tradition of producing and serving military leaders going all the way back to Chancellor Kirkland over one hundred years ago. With concurrence of the faculty at the time, he required military training for all male students as the nation entered World War I. By 1918, Vanderbilt had established the Student… Keep reading

Cadets in Front of Kirkland Hall, Circa 1917. panoramic image,from Vanderbilt University Photographic Archives

COVID-19 Quarantine; Making My Sleeping Space Into an Every Day Space

This is a second in a series of articles written by the Science and Engineering library’s student assistants about their life during the COVID-19  quarantine. I am Latif an international student from Ghana, majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in computer science. I am interested in renewable energy and electric cars like Tesla, hence his… Keep reading

Our librarians don’t just go the extra mile–they go around the world

For Vanderbilt librarians, the “personal” approach is nothing new. The Libraries have subject librarians for every major on campus, and these librarians are known for developing relationships with students – helping them with their courses and academic research, but also with navigating university life. Yuh-Fen Benda, Asian Studies librarian, works closely with several courses, and… Keep reading