Semantic Web Working Group

The semantic web working group meets Mondays at noon in the Central Library, room 800FA. Using the architecture of the World Wide Web (such as URI’s and http), the Semantic Web supports a common framework, allowing data to be shared and reused across boundaries both technical and social. The Semantic Web is built on the… Keep Reading

Open Source GIS Working Group

The open source GIS working group meets Thursdays at the Central Library, room 800FA. This group looks at various open source Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools. Some of these tools include: PosgreSQL/PostGIS, Mapbox/Leaflet, Geoserver, and QGIS. Many of these programs are used to create, store, edit, serve out, and analyze geographic data. Newcomers are always welcome!… Keep Reading

Research Productivity Workshop: Staying on Top of Your Research

Thursday, March 31st 12:00-1:00 PM Central Library Learn the strategies for organizing research materials for a project or paper and the tools for managing your research. In this workshop, we will discuss online research tools such as Zotero, a citation manager tool, and BrowZine, a tool that lets you access and save articles from your… Keep Reading

Practical Cartography with Mapbox Studio

Friday, March 25th 11:00-12:00 Central Library, 418a     Learn the fundamentals of cartography, the science and practice of making maps, with Lindsey Fox, the GIS Coordinator for Vanderbilt University. You will discover how to use Mapbox Studio, an online design tool for expert cartographers, and how the maps you have created can be analyzed with… Keep Reading