Vandy Goes to War – Exhibit Open in Central Library

An exhibition in honor of the centenary of Vanderbilt’s foray into the First World War between 1917-1918 is now open in the Central Library lobby through Homecoming Weekend, October 16th, 2018. The exhibition begins with campus in 1917, when Chancellor James Kirkland issued the first decree to require military training on campus for all male… Keep reading

Vandy Goes to War – June – November 2018

June 6-November 12, 2018 In the early months of 1917, an influx of students came to Vanderbilt to enter the Student Army Training Corps (S.A.T.C.) aiming to join the war effort. With their enrollment came much-needed funding for campus infrastructure, fueling a building boom that more than doubled the size of campus by the 1940s… Keep reading

The Power of Propaganda – Spring 2018

This exhibition will be curated by a cohort of Buchanan Library Fellows and their librarian mentors. In this seminar, students learned about the principles, strategies, techniques, and effects of information dissemination. The course dealt with intellectual property and propaganda in the context of scholarship, religion, war, politics, culture, and advertising, and explores implications for the future of… Keep reading

Four vanderbilt sutadents on the cover of a pamphlet

From Listeners to Leaders: A History of Women at Vanderbilt – Summer 2018

This exhibition will be curated by a cohort of Buchanan Library Fellows and their librarian mentors. This summer semester fellowship will examine the history of women at Vanderbilt from the university’s nineteenth-century beginnings to the present day. We will consider women’s experiences as students, faculty, and staff at Vanderbilt, which only began to admit women and men… Keep reading

Vintage women waving a Vanderbilt flag

Looking Back: Vanderbilt Before 1900 – March – September 2018

March-September 2018, Special Collections Library Established in 1873, the rich beginning of Vanderbilt University can be understood through letters from its founders, on display in the Special Collections Library. Correspondence between Cornelius Vanderbilt and Bishop Holland N. McTyeire highlight some of the earliest plans for the campus, from the construction of the first buildings to… Keep reading

The American Presidency – February – June 2018

February-June 2018 From George Washington to Barack Obama, America’s past commanders in chief have provided domestic and international leadership during world wars, political unrest and the struggle for basic human rights. Their personal lives have been shaped by great joy and heartbreak, deep-rooted conflict and public scrutiny. Along the way, biographers and journalists have documented… Keep reading

Vanderbilt’s Distinctive Collections – December 2017 – May 2018

December 2017-May 2018 The library’s distinctive collections are areas of particular strength that set Vanderbilt apart from other research libraries. These include items of great rarity, historic value, and even one-of-a-kind treasures. These collections stimulate teaching and scholarship, draw up memories, and inspire new knowledge. In this exhibition, highlights from these distinctive collections hope to… Keep reading

Cultures in Clay – December – September 2018

December 6, 2017-September 2018, Divinity Library Often called the cradle of civilization, the ancient Near East witnessed the emergence of remarkable cultures from the fourth through the first millennia BCE. From those cultures surfaced novel systems of writing that addressed the range of lived experience, artistic and literary expression, and history and politics. While plentiful… Keep reading

Colombian Independence – Spring 2017

This exhibition will be curated by a cohort of Buchanan Library Fellows and their librarian mentors. The J. León Helguera Collection of Colombiana is a unique resource housed by the Vanderbilt University Library. The Collection is comprised of thousands of pamphlets, newspapers, books, and broadsides from 19th-century Colombia. Over the past four years, the Library Dean’s Fellows… Keep reading

The Once and Future Book – Fall 2017

Everyone knows what a book is. But what do gutters, fore-edges, diapers, running heads, and pilcrows have to do with books? In this course, the students learned interesting and amusing stories behind useful, though specialized terms in the history of communication from medieval manuscripts to digital publishing. Along the way, students learned a bit about the history… Keep reading

Group of fellows and Valerie Hotchkiss balancing books on their head at the fellows reception