International Games Week

International Games Week brings community together to play, learn or teach For more information on International Games Week please visit the Games in Libraries blog Sarah Shannon Stevenson Science and Engineering Library joins thousands in celebrating the popularity and power of games and play. Sarah Shannon Stevenson Science and Engineering Library will join over… Keep reading

Introducing the MondoPad

The library has acquired a MondoPad touchscreen PC which is now available in the Map Room. A kit bag of accessories (keyboard, mouse, stylus, etc.) must be checked out at the service desk before using the MondoPad. The MondoPad can be used as a regular PC or as a touch screen whiteboard for collaboration or… Keep reading

Student Appreciation Week!

Happy Student Appreciation Week! The SEL staff would like to thank each and every student worker for their hard work, dedication and commitment to this library. We truly do have the best student workers on campus. Thank you all.