Favorite Library Websites

Do you have a favorite library website from a previous institution? If so, please send the name of the school or library and web link/url to Philip Walker, Eskind Biomedical Library, philip.d.walker@vanderbilt.edu. The Vanderbilt University Libraries are currently evaluating library system vendors in an effort to replace our current system within the next year. Stay… Keep reading

Thanksgiving With The 300th General Hospital Unit

As Thanksgiving approaches we take time to look back on past celebrations and the history of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Medical schools throughout the country formed reserve units in preparation for the United States entering WWII. Under the leadership of Hugh J. Morgan, the 300th General Hospital Unit formed as a reserve unit in… Keep reading

Neonatal Intensive Care Month | Mildred Stahlman

  September is Neonatal Intensive Care Month, always an appropriate time to honor the contributions of Mildred Stahlman, M.D., who pioneered the use of artificial respiration on infant lungs. Dr. Stahlman, who graduated from Vanderbilt medical school in 1946, was awarded a National Institute of Health grant in 1959 to build a modern nursery and… Keep reading