Student Artists in the Libraries

The Central Library and the Divinity Library are home to a student artist exhibition created by Professor Mel Ziegler’s ARTS-1502 Installation Art class. The exhibition will be on display until the week of Thanksgiving. For more information, visit the exhibition website.

Art work in a Library

Shannon Felder My Two CentsWorks include:

  • Eliza Boyle ’25, Oh the Places You’ll Go (Central, 4th floor)
  • Shannon Felder ’25, My Two Cents (Central, 4th floor)
  • Jiwon Park ’22, Treasure Hunt (Central, 4th floor)
  • Sophia Zimmerman ’22, The Mother (Central, 5th floor)
  • Erica Skidmore ’25, Web of Association (Central, 6th floor)
  • Sarah Siman ’25, Proof of Identification (Central, 6th floor)
  • Julia Shehadi ’22, Train of Thought (Central, 7th floor)
  • Collin Walsh ’22, Controlled Chaos (Central, 8th floor)
  • Christian Loop ’22, Wired (Divinity, 2nd floor)


Special thanks to Professor Ziegler and his students for sharing their work with our visitors and staff.

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