Database trial: nkoda

The Wilson Music Library is trialing nkoda, a digital sheet music library app, from August 3 through August 16. Nkoda provides access to tens-of-thousands of full scores and parts, including many works only available in print by rental. The app has a powerful set of annotation tools, and it allows users to share their score markings with each other. The nkoda app is available for Apple and Android devices.

To set up your trial access to the nkoda app, navigate to, and follow the instructions below:

  1. It’s important to go through the process on the link provided, before downloading the app.
  2. Once you’re on the trial page, enter your email address in the field provided
  3. Click ‘Get started’
  4. Fill out your details to create your account
  5. Click ‘Next’.
  6. Your account has been created, and you now have free access to nkoda for 14 days
  7. Click on the relevant App Store link to download the app
  8. Once you have the app downloaded, click ‘Log in/Restore’
  9. Click ‘Or log in via e-mail’
  10. Fill in the details created on the trial page, press ‘Login’, and you’re ready to start exploring!

Once you’ve tried nkoda out, please take this brief survey to help the Music Library staff decide whether to pursue an annual subscription of the product.

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