Our Crowd: Student Life at the University of Nashville – Spring 2019

March 27, 2019-October 31, 2019, Central Library (Second Floor Gallery)

This exhibition will be curated by a cohort of Buchanan Library Fellows and their librarian mentors.

University life in the 19th century was quite different from today’s modern campus. Every aspect of students’ lives was highly regimented in order to shape the young men into productive members of society, and rules and regulations permeated every aspect of student life. Students learned by recitation and their detailed notes reflect close attention in daily classes from Latin composition to spherical geometry. This semester, two Buchanan Fellows examined how students lived, studied, and had fun in 19th-century Nashville. They visited the old South Campus with architectural historian Robbie Jones and learned about other educational initiatives with Dr. Mary Ellen Pethel.

View Online: Vanderbilt History | Digital Exhibit

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