Access Denied to PubMed/NCBI Update

Greetings everyone,

We have enacted a temporary fix for those who have been affected. Clear all of your web browsing history and then try to open PubMed. It has not been a total solution for some. In my case, I am also using a different browser. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome were inconsistent but Microsoft Edge seems to be working for me. The library staff recently discovered it is accessible through the wi-fi network but problematic through the wired network. If you have a laptop, try unplugging it from your dock.

If you are affected and absolutely need to access the Medline database, it is also accessible through the OVID platform or Google Scholar.  One word of caution: third-party access to Medline is typically not as current as what you will find in PubMed. If you have a citation and are looking for full-text access, use the Journals link on our homepage.

Please do not hesitate to contact the library to assist or perform any searches until this is rectified.

Also, continue to notify us of any issues as they occur. It would help us greatly if you also report the listed IP address and your location.

The University Library’s System Administrator and the NCBI Help Desk are still working to resolve this as quickly as possible.


My deepest apologies for any inconveniences.

Philip Walker | Director | Eskind Biomedical Library


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