New Resource Spotlight: Statista

Bike sharing worldwide

Bike sharing worldwide
Source: Statista

Statista is a portal with a wealth of user-friendly (and downloadable, in multiple formats) compilations of data and statistics from numerous international agencies, organizations, and sources, including media, consumer, and market data not always covered in government and NGO sources. Just as an example: do you want to know how many World Cup matches up to 2018 that Croatia has played so far and the results of their matches? Statista has it covered!

Other intriguing data available: Is 2018 really one of the biggest years ever for blockbuster movies across the US and Canada? Where in the world is it most expensive to rent a two-bedroom apartment? How much does each member of NATO spend on its own defense, including by GDP share?

Vanderbilt Libraries have recently subscribed to Statista, and it’s freely available for you to use with your VUNet ID and login. (You don’t need those to get access to the database if you’re at one of the libraries or anywhere else on campus.) Take a look and give us your feedback!

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