Vanderbilt’s Distinctive Collections – December 2017 – May 2018

December 2017-May 2018

The library’s distinctive collections are areas of particular strength that set Vanderbilt apart from other research libraries. These include items of great rarity, historic value, and even one-of-a-kind treasures. These collections stimulate teaching and scholarship, draw up memories, and inspire new knowledge. In this exhibition, highlights from these distinctive collections hope to inform and excite the campus and wider community about the robust materials we have to offer in these domains.

From Civil War surgical instruments to rare decks of hand-illustrated tarot card and photographs of freedom riders from the Civil Rights Movement in 1960s Nashville, our distinctive collections continue to grow. On display are materials featuring southern history and culture, 20th century civil rights, Latin American studies, French modern literature, the history of medicine, games and leisure, American journalism and politics in the 20th century, performing arts, astronomy and physics, rare books and fine bindings, and the history of Vanderbilt University.

View Online: Vanderbilt’s Distinctive Collections | Digital Exhibit

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