OAK to expand functionality

The library and Dean Dowell have announced that OAK, Vanderbilt’s course management system, will be expanding current functionality to provide additional services and customizations, as well as attain efficiencies in course delivery and management. Powered by Blackboard Learn “Course Delivery,” Vanderbilt will add the “Community Engagement” system to OAK to achieve these goals.

Several years ago, a proposal was prepared to enhance OAK functionality that included a consolidated list of requests from the schools and student leaders. The collected information will be used as a stepping stone in moving the project forward, yet more meetings can be anticipated to ensure our implementation addresses current needs within the capabilities of the new software.

OAK Support members and supporting departments are working closely together to develop a timeline. However, a slow roll-out of the customizations after the initial implementation, with schools coming on line throughout the academic year as they are ready, can be anticipated.

In order to keep the Vanderbilt community informed, a project website is available off the main OAK website at www.vanderbilt.edu/oak/project2011.

Students perspectives on books showcased at Vanderbilt Library

by Ann Marie Deer Owens |

Art installations titled ‘heard mentality’
Benjy Hansen Bundy

Senior Benjy Hansen-Bundy reads by his art installation, a coffin made out of books. (Steve Green/Vanderbilt)

Red lipstick, a book-filled coffin and books that look like packaged meat are among the items in a student art exhibit at Vanderbilt University’s Central Library through May 13. The role of language and books in current culture and the impact of reading material on personal experiences are among the themes for the installations, titled “heard mentality.” (more)